In a world of mass produced and disposable fast fashion, and trends that change every week, RoseUniqueStyle wants to be different. We want you to experience something that has become a luxury in our fast paced world: Taking it slow..

In 2013   we launched  a Slow   Fashion    label       with the goal to handcraft comfortable, and luxurious knitwear for the slow everyday moments. We started handcrafting oversized women`s sweaters, chunky knit cardigans, garments for when you need to take a break from the stress, and allow yourself to relax.  Reading a book with a hot cup of tea, or watching a movie with your friends or family. That’s the moments we craft our cozy, handmade knitwear for.

Our belief in taking it slow extends to our business as well. We are a family owned business, designing and producing our collections in small quantities in our home-based studio in Toronto, Canada. We put time, care, and love into every single garment, using only high quality yarns, to craft long lasting and timeless designs. Our small operation and dedication to putting time into our garments allows us to customize and handcraft garments to your wishes. Simply reach out to us if you have something special in mind — it won’t be instant gratification, but we will take the time to create something truly unique for you.

Ligh grey alpaca woman chunky knit cardigan.

RoseUniqueStyle began with a shop on Etsy. Here we discovered how much people really are searching for high quality, sustainable alternatives to disposable fashion. We received hundreds of positive Reviews for our work, showing that taking the time to craft environmentally conscious clothing is worth the effort

What is Slow Fashion to us? — It’s taking the time to think about how our production affects the community, the country, and the planet. We uphold a zero-waste policy by working hard to find use for every piece of yarn. The garments that don’t sell become the raw materials for future designs, so that these precious resources are not going to waste.

— It’s crafting timeless, long lasting designs that does not go out of style any time soon. We craft ecologically-conscious and environmentally sustainable knitwear that will serve you for years to come. Leaving as small an environmental impact as possible.

Our yarn comes from animals that are raised responsibly. We use high quality natural fibers such as Alpaca and Merino Wool, Cotton, Linen to craft soft and long lasting garments, that does NOT wash out plastic particles into the waterways and oceans.


Giving back, we aim to support the local communities by donating a portion of our profits to the Toronto Humane Society and local animal shelters. We see it as part of our identity to create better lives for animals, both the ones that supply our yarns and those we have a responsibility to help through charities

We bring our love and passion for knitting into designing and crafting long lasting, timeless and sustainable knitwear. And we hope you will take a break from chasing trends — or better yet, stop that expensive and ecologically harmful practice altogether. And choose a sustainable and luxurious alternative that benefits you, our planet and wildlife for many years to come.

Find our timeless collection of hand-knitted garments in our web shop or take the time to read the reviews here. And remember; your choice makes a difference.

RoseUniqueStyle — handcrafted in Canada.