Why We Love Alpaca Most ?

A must have a collection of soft, Luxurious and cozy Alpaca products in your autumn/ winter wardrobe. The beautiful Alpaca fiber is used to create fabulous winter clothing items such as shawls, cardigans, sweaters, sweater dresses, scarves, blankets, ponchos and many more. Let’s see what alpaca fiber really is? What are its outstanding qualities? And above all, why do we love it the most!

                                            Facts about Alpaca:

Alpaca are the animals that resemble Llamas or long-necked camels without humps. They are easily domesticated for being very friendly and gentle animals and their breeding practice is done for getting the fine quality alpaca fiber. The alpaca fiber or fleece has about 22 natural shades, including, black, silver, rose- grey, brow, fawn, brown and many such more. Distinctive Qualities of Alpaca Fiber: There are many qualities of alpaca fiber that makes them popular all over the world in creating the warm clothing items.

            There are two types of Alpaca; Suri and Huacaya

 Alpaca fiber is dense, crimped, soft and water-resistant fleece that creates fabulous sweaters, sweater dresses, and other such clothing items.

 It is very fine and lustrous fiber that is softer than cashmere or angora and much lightweight and warmer as compared to wool.

The alpaca fleece is in high demand in the fashion industry because of it durability, beauty and light-weight. 

 Unlike many kinds of wool, it has no prickle-factor so does not feel itchy when it comes in touch with skin because of its smooth texture.

 It is easy to be handcrafted and hand spinners love to work with it.

 Although the natural hues of alpaca are highly desirable but its fiber readily accept dye too.

 Alpaca has highly dirt resistance quality that makes it distinctive from other wool and fibers.

 Alpaca fiber is naturally hypoallergenic because it contains no lanolin.

 For travelling, alpaca products are best because they remain wrinkle free and odor resistant.

 It is all natural and is biodegradable.

                          What is meant By Baby Alpaca?

The baby alpaca fiber is preferred generally in making clothing items and blanket than any other type of wool and fiber. The term ‘baby Alpaca’ means the fiber obtained from the soft part of the fleece of an adult alpaca. It has nothing to do with the age of the animal rather it is the grading of the fineness of the fiber taken from an adult Alpaca.

The baby alpaca is kind of fiber that is softer and silkier than any other kind. It is very breathable and light-weight yet much warmer than sheep wool. As it has no lanolin, it is naturally hypoallergenic, water resistant, flame resistant, remains wrinkle free. The baby alpaca sweaters, blankets and other outerwear can last for generations because of their distinctive qualities and durability.

                             Trendy Alpaca sweaters

The  alpaca sweaters  are trending really high these days in the fashion industry. They are considered as the most luxurious and affordable solution to fall/ winter. The chunky and fashionable alpaca sweaters look elegant and feel great to wear and prove to be a staple for your winter wardrobe.

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